The river meets the ocean in this coastal village, where you’ll find the area’s most popular arts center.

Welcome to Gualala

Located just outside the northernmost edge of Sonoma County, you’ll find the peaceful village of Gualala. Featuring its own uniquely mild microclimate, the area offers mostly sunny skies and is considered part of California’s coveted “banana belt,” which typically enjoys warm, pleasant weather year-round.
Thanks to that pristine weather, residents of Gualala enjoy outdoor pursuits. Fishing, golfing, horseback riding, hiking, and camping are popular activities in this region.
Homes here are architecturally stunning and are typically used as secondary residences or vacation rentals.

What to Love

  • Beautiful “banana belt” climate
  • Plenty of outdoor pursuits
  • Architecturally stunning homes

People & Lifestyle

Gualala is a relaxing retreat. Naturally beautiful, residents spend much time outdoors, and you can expect an abundance of wildflowers in the spring and an array of wildlife in your backyard.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

A variety of casual and fine dining options abound in Gualala. Local favorites include Gualala Seafood Shack, which personifies “ocean-to-table” dining; Cove Azul Bar & Grill, boasting scenic ocean views and tasty pasta dishes; and Vue Kitchen, a fine dining experience located within the Hotel Breakers.

Things to Do

Visit the Pygmy Forest in Salt Point State Park to view one of the world's coastal wonders—mature but miniature redwood trees (normally the world's tallest living things).
You can also explore the arts at the locally famous Gualala Arts Center and its Dolphin Gallery, which hosts performances and displays rotating exhibits year-round.
Many trails and regional parks exist here, too: Gualala Point Regional Park allows guests to stroll along an expanse of the Gualala River before it meets the sea.

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