The Sea Ranch

View the following link to the December 2008 New York Times article about The Sea Ranch…..its architecture, ambience, and the coastal lifestye:

The Sea Ranch is a study of harmony and lifestyle.

Located about 100 miles north of San Francisco and occupying a stretch of coastline about 10 miles long, Sea Ranch has become a popular destination for intelligent simplicity….where simplicity trumps flamboyancy.

First time visitors usually comment on how all the homes look the same on Sea Ranch. But after a brief tour, they change their mind, as most homes are custom renderings from an architect’s drafting table. One of the guiding principles at The Sea Ranch is the attitude that the environmental setting is more important than the building. They stive to soften and blend the house presence with its surroundings so that man doesn’t destroy the principle reason that people come to Sea Ranch in the first place.

The Sea Ranch is a study of harmony and lifestyle.

To maintain the integrity, residents have both rights and responsibilities. The rights: Property owners get access to multiple beaches, 40+ miles of trails, admittance to three recreation centers (all with swimming pools and saunas), and 24-hour patrolled security. The responsibilites: The Sea Ranch CC&R’s (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) are strictly observed. These govern limits on building height, bulk, exterior colors, native plantings, etc.

The strict guidelines of the CC&R’s help maintain the balance of hearty living with protecting the pristine natural setting. Architects for more than 40 years have been working under these guidelines and have been inspired to design many architectural award-winning homes, competing and winning on the international stage. Nationally and internationally known architects such as Charles Moore, William Turnbull Jr., Donlyn Lyndon, Joseph Esherick, Buzz Yudell, Don Jacobs, Obie Bowman, and Lawrence Halprin/landscaping….have burned their stars brightly at Sea Ranch and have helped foster the recognition of what The Sea Ranch is about.

The Sea Ranch is a study of harmony and lifestyle.

Residents must share their domain with deer, jackrabbits, hawk, quail, wild turkeys, and a rare sighting of a mountain lion. And sheep….don’t forget sheep. Sea Ranch at one time was a sheep ranch and was purchased from the owners, the Ohlson’s, in 1963 for $2.3 million by Al Boeke on behalf of Oceanic Properties, a division of Castle and Cooke. The sheep had been absent for many years, but were reintroduced as a means of natural fire prevention to keep the meadow grasslands in-check. They are still at work today, munching happily.

Come, be a part of the dramatic surroundings. Become a steward of the land….protecting and admiring its flora and fauna. Hearty living balanced with protecting habitat is simply a study of The Sea Ranch, its harmony and lifestyle.

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