Anchor Bay

Famed for being at the heart of the area’s banana-belt climate, Anchor Bay enjoys more sun during the fog days of summer. With unspoiled beauty, pristine bluffs, a white sandy beach, huge redwoods, cool/clean air, one doesn’t come back to nature at Anchor Bay….one is enrobed in nature….there’s no escape.

Considered an undiscovered gem along our coast, roughly a few hundred people call Anchor Bay home. Many others vacation here or weekend here, anxious to settle into its peaceful green surroundings, escape the brutal inland heat of summer, or finish that book you left last weekend.

The small commercial center is the Anchor Bay Store established in 1915. Today, the store boasts one of the most impressive full-service, organic grocery stops along the coast for miles. Other shops include The Blue Canoe, a hip stop for a cappucino or specialty drink and a nibble; two table service restaurants favored by locals; a laundry mat; a collection of various offices and boutiques; and premium B&B accommodations nearby. (Visit our Concierge window for more information.)

South-facing Anchor Bay beach is sheltered by Haven’s Neck promontory to the north. This allows for the accretion of soft sands along Anchor Bay beach during the summer and fall, with beachgoers and small craft being sheltered from the prevailing northwest winds. Sandcastle contests are held each year. However, winter storms with their blustery winds charging up from the south, eventually unwind some of the summer sands. And so the cycle goes…..

Just offshore are Fish Rocks, a massive stone island that is home to a large population of harbor seals and a few sea lions. On “warm” nights, the locals are “entertained” by the mammalian chorus.

The steep canyon that ultimately ends at Anchor Bay beach allows towering redwoods to come within a few hundred feet of the sandy beach…..a testament to how mild and well sheltered the area truly is. The redwoods actually meet the sea at Anchor Bay.

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