Patrick Haworth

Patrick came to California in 1989 after a successful career as a Broker/Trader with the Chicago Board of Trade and is currently a licensed California Real Estate Broker. He settled in San Francisco, where he became involved in real estate in 1991. In 1995, he married a native San Franciscan who brought him to her beloved Sonoma-Mendocino Coast for their honeymoon. Patrick, too, fell in love with this area, and they began to work toward settling here. Patrick developed his interests in real estate into a successful career as a Realtor on the San Francisco Peninsula while preparing to move here. Sea Ranch owners since 1996, Patrick and Marcia then realized their dream, becoming permanent residents of the new home they have built on the bluff at The Sea Ranch. Now Patrick can combine his love of this area with his enthusiastic participation in real estate marketing. Pat brings exceptional diligence, attentiveness and follow-through to each of his clients.