Kristen Winant

Kristen has been vacationing at The Sea Ranch since 1992 so when she and her husband Rob were searching for the perfect retirement destination, The Sea Ranch immediately came to mind. They decided they wanted to build their dream house, searched for a piece of property for 3+ years and purchased a lot on Grey Whale in 2017. And although their original plan was to retire up here, they were so excited about the prospect that they moved here in October 2018. Not only is Kristen excited for her new home but she also is excited about her new position at Liisberg & Company. After getting her Masters in Industrial Engineering at UC Berkeley, Kristen previously was an Operations Executive in the Bay Area, managing large teams of professionals in a variety of industries and disciplines; she even started a venture-backed restaurant company (The Melt) where she managed the Finance, HR and IT teams. In her rich management career, Kristen prided herself in her efficiency (do it right the first time) and doing the best for her employees (even if they did not recognize it at the time). And she wants to do the same for her real estate clients. Living up on the Mendonoma coast is a dream and Kristen wants to help others realize theirs.