Dan Kalinoski

Dan graduated in 1980 from the West Virginia School of Pharmacy and practiced pharmacy for 18 years in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife Barbara looked to broaden their horizon by selling their lakefront home, leaving their careers, and switching coasts to settle into what they consider to be one of the best locations to live in the country.The climate, the clean air, the friendly people and the haunting pristine beauty were magnets drawing them to the area. They have both thrived in this environment with successful businesses being just one sign of that. Barbara is the owner of Handcrafted Interiors, the local premier company for custom work in all things fabric. After 18 years of retail pharmacy management, Dan decided to redirect those people skills into another people profession...helping people locate and/or sell their properties. Having made the move himself, he has a special insight into the challenges, rewards, and nuances of moving to this remote, yet cultured area. Dan can assist you with making some of those difficult decisions and some of the possible repercussions and many rewards they may bring.