Paul Mundy, Jr.

Paul Mundy, Jr.
Soon to be a licensed agent (July 2018)

I first visited The Sea Ranch in 1968. My Aunt and Uncle had just built a home on Breaker Reach. After many visits to The Sea Ranch in my youth, Sea Ranch was a distance memory. In 2011, I rediscovered the playground where I once visited and dreamed I would live one day.

After renting many homes on the coast, I found my home in 2013. I purchased Pole House a classic Sea Ranch home which epitomizes this community's concept of living lightly on the ground. Pole House is literally built on seventeen massive posts firmly anchored into the ground. My passion for architecture and the history of The Sea Ranch gives me a platform to share with visitors what makes this place a wonderful site for a part time or full time home. After a quarter of a century as a professional skier and another few decades of marketing and fundraising in the health care industry, I’ve landed at the place I love. I am happy to help you find that dream home.